Create an instance of Zencoder:

from zencoder import Zencoder
zen = Zencoder('abc123') # enter your api key

Submit a job to Zencoder:

# creates an encoding job with the defaults
job = zen.job.create('http://input-file/movie.avi')
print job.code
print job.body
print job.body['id']

Return output progress:

# get the transcode progress of the first output
progress = zen.output.progress(job.body['outputs'][0]['id'])
print progress.body

Create a new job with multiple outputs:

# configure your outputs with dictionaries
iphone = {
             'label': 'iPhone',
             'url': 's3://output-bucket/output-file-1.mp4',
             'width': 480,
             'height': 320
web = {
          'label': 'web',
          'url': 's3://output-bucket/output-file.vp8',
          'video_codec':, 'vp8'

# the outputs kwarg requires an iterable
outputs = (iphone, web)
another_job = zen.job.create(input_url, outputs=outputs)